Friday, January 15, 2010

Starting To Think About The Garden

So yesterday we picked up the mail and guess what was in there. Yup, the catalog from Peacefully Valley Farm & Garden Supply. It got me thinking about the garden again.

The last two years we didn't have much success but, this year is going to be different! As always, I have a plan but this year it is much simpler. We are going to pick only three things to grow this year. We have definitely decided on growing a good "paste" tomato and are still undecided on the other two things. Kevin says he wants to grow broccoli but, he still refuses to eat it. So, I don't know about that option.

We are looking to grow things that will
  1. Actually be eaten.
  2. Do well being canned.
  3. Grow easily/quickly (so we can see results)
We already have grapes, strawberries, and artichoke plants from the previous years).

Help us choose what to grow this year!

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