Thursday, January 21, 2010

Real Baked Potato's

When my microwave bit the dust 3 months ago I had to find another way to enjoy one of my favorite foods. I thank God for my broken microwave because had it not been broken, I would have never actually baked a "baked" potato.

All these years, I never knew what I was missing. They taste so much better when cooked in the oven...I will never cook another potato in the microwave. Oven baked potatos are so worth the 45 minute wait. In fact, as I write this post, a delicious potato is baking.

I know that you are dying to know so, I'll tell ya how I make them.

I take a freshly scrubbed potato (or 4), poke a few holes in it with a knife, rub a little olive oil and salt on it, toss it in the oven (right on the rack with a pan below to catch the drippings), and bake for 45 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Give it a try. Believe me it is soooooooooo worth it!

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  1. I didn't know you could bake potatoes in the microwave! LOL But after what you've written, I guess I won't try it. :)