Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Working In The Garden

Finally we are able to get out into the garden and really work. Kevin, Teya, and I went out and dug up and prepped a row for the peas. We plan to do two 8 foot rows but, we are taking it slow. We'll work on the second row tomorrow.

Our tomatoes that we started from seed are doing great!! We will have Italian Roma, San Marzano Redorta, and Black Cherry if all goes as planned and they don't all die.

Pretty much all the cucumbers died when we planted them in bigger pots. We have 2 left...yup, that's right 2 little cucumber plants survived our transplanting disaster. I guess we'll just have to make due with those for now.

Hopefully we can get to rototilling the tomato and cucumber area this weekend.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seed Starts

So, Kevin's little seed starts are taking off! We have 42 pickling cucumber plants, and about 30 Roma paste tomato plants. We started them 2 weeks ago. They are sitting on our kitchen counter, growing like mad, waiting to be planted. I think we'll let them get a little bigger before they go out into the garden.

Today we will be planting some more tomatoes (Black Cherry and San Marzano Redorta). We may even plant some bell peppers but, that is up to Kevin. :D

Kevin got fish a little while back and he is absolutely loving them. He started with 3 and now he has 7 (Happy, Hungry, Zebra, Snowman, Mazy, Elephant, and Swimmer).

We are going to sell off some of the seed starts to fund a bigger fish tank since he is doing so well with it. So, if any of you, our local friends, are interested let us know. We were thinking the plants would sell for about $1/each.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kangadu Grand Opening Today @ 3pm EST

The day has finally arrived. I am ready to open up shop. Wool soakers and longies will be available @ 3pm EST. So, if you love wool, come on by and see what I have stocked @ Kangadu Children

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kangadu Grand Opening Delay

So initially I was planning on doing the grand opening yesterday but, life got in the way. In a good way. :)

We have almost finished moving our junk from downstairs. We will soon be ready to rent the lower level of our house. Thanks are in order, my father-in-law, my hubby, and a couple of other guys worked really hard. Teya also took a 3.5 hour nap, (yeah, that's what i said 3 and a half hours!!). So I was able to help move and rearange the junk in our sheds.

Anyways, back to the store. The grand opening will be taking place on Sunday February 14th at 12 noon (PST). Be sure to check it out then @

Until then, here is a preview of some of the items that will be available.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Coming Soon....

I have been working on getting my online store ready for the world to see. I will soon be stocking my store with wool soakers and longies made from recycled sweaters.

So far preparations for this endeavour have been extremely exciting. I have spent the last two Wednesdays, with my Mom, running around town in search of wool sweaters. I'm not a pro yet but, I have gotten pretty good at spotting wool from a few feet away. I have 40 wool sweaters to prove it!!

On Friday I got all the materials for making my tags. When I got home I went strait to work cutting, stamping, and ironing. They are not perfect but, I made 100 tags. In case you are interested, this is what they look like.

Tonight Greg helped me get together a tracking system. When I get ready to cut up a sweater, I cut out the tag, put it in a binder, and give it an id number. He created a spreadsheet that keeps track of the items I make with each sweater. It's a really neat system and I am glad that he is helping me keep this stuff orgainized.

Well, if I'm gonna get this shop up anytime soon, I better get back to sewing....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So I Have Been Thinking......

This last weekend we were all sick so, we didn't do much of anything. Just lazed around, watched movies, and slept a lot.

During this time I got to thinking about a children's story I had written two years ago. I would really love to get it published but, am debating on weather I should send it to a publisher or try to publish it all by myself.

With everything I have going on right now that I don't think it would be smart to try to self publish. There is just too much work involved and as much as I would love to have full creative control over my story, I don't think I really have enough time to do it properly.

I think I am definitely leaning towards sending it to a publisher. Wouldn't it be super awesome to see the name of a well known publishing company stamped inside my book? Yeah, that would be the ultimate in, "See, I did something successful!"

Truthfully, I am a little scared to send it off and it be rejected. But, what author isn't afraid of rejection, right? Seriously, if they like it, they like it. If they don't, they don't. End of story.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Road Trip!!

So we are on our way back from a birthday party in Stockton. We're just driving back and I am bored so I thought I would post a blog. :)

We got to see a bunch of family from my dad's side. We didn't get to talk much but, you can't expect to much conversation when your voices are being drowned out by Chuck E. Cheese and a bunch of screaming children. Kevin had fun though.

I wanna make another trip down some other time for a quite visit. :D