Monday, January 11, 2010

Emergency Sewing Project!

We had a sewing emergency today!

Kevin was un-pinning something I had sewn. Aparently there wasn't enough room in my other pin cushion so, he informed me that we needed another. I had to stop everything to make him another one so he could finish taking the pins out of the other project we were working on. Boy was that fun! I love having such a good little helper. :)

We used fabric from our scrap box and stuffed it with human hair. Gregory's hair to be exact. Kevin said, "Is that Daddy's hair?". I think he thought I was weird for putting it in his new pincushion. I tried to explain to him that the hair helps keep the pins sharp but, I don't know if he understood. But, he likes "his" new pincushion and that is all that matters. :)

Now we need to make a few more!

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