Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seed Starts

So, Kevin's little seed starts are taking off! We have 42 pickling cucumber plants, and about 30 Roma paste tomato plants. We started them 2 weeks ago. They are sitting on our kitchen counter, growing like mad, waiting to be planted. I think we'll let them get a little bigger before they go out into the garden.

Today we will be planting some more tomatoes (Black Cherry and San Marzano Redorta). We may even plant some bell peppers but, that is up to Kevin. :D

Kevin got fish a little while back and he is absolutely loving them. He started with 3 and now he has 7 (Happy, Hungry, Zebra, Snowman, Mazy, Elephant, and Swimmer).

We are going to sell off some of the seed starts to fund a bigger fish tank since he is doing so well with it. So, if any of you, our local friends, are interested let us know. We were thinking the plants would sell for about $1/each.