Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting My Home In Order

We have so many things that we need to do to get things in order. So, I have been making task lists and checking things off as I get them done. I am amazed at how much more I can get done just by taking a few minutes and writing down what I would like to accomplish that day. I'm sure most people probably think I'm just a lazy slacker. But, seriously I really want to get things done...I just forget things really easily. Apparently writing lists helps me remember and keep me focused. Now I just need to remember to make my lists. :)

I have tried a few online list making software's and have not found anything that I think is really great. I'm looking for something that makes a daily list based on recurrent tasks and other random tasks. I want to be able to organize the tasks under larger projects. I also want to know what percentage of my daily list is completed and I want due dates for tasks. Oh and last but not least I want to be able to sync my list to Windows Mobile Pro device. This certainly can't be too much to ask, can it? Someone please tell me that this exists out there somewhere!

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