Friday, October 16, 2009

Stupid Microwave!

So, it's official, my microwave has bit the dust.

I had just painted some wool and was getting ready to heat set the dye. Dumb microwave just would not work for more than a few seconds. So I was like, "oh crap I'm gonna ruin 5oz. of perfectly good wool!"

To my computer I run and do a quick google search for alternative ways to set the dye. Crock-pot, stove-top, or the sun seemed to be the ways people suggested. Ughhh...none of them sounded very easy or quick. To much clean up or to much waiting.

What did I do, I grabbed my 2 level veggie steamer popped the yarn into the top level. Set the timer for 30 minutes and walked away. I was afraid it would get to hot to fast and felt the yarn but, I figured I was gonna wreck it anyways so why not try?

Well, wouldn't ya know...the yarn came out perfectly heat set, clear water, and unfelted. I was so happy. In comparing my microwave dye jobs and the steamer dye jobs, I realize that in using the microwave I have slightly felted the yarn.

Looks like I will be using my veggie steamer more often. Now to find an excellent deal on Koolaid or Wilton dyes and I will be all set. :)

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