Sunday, February 7, 2010

Coming Soon....

I have been working on getting my online store ready for the world to see. I will soon be stocking my store with wool soakers and longies made from recycled sweaters.

So far preparations for this endeavour have been extremely exciting. I have spent the last two Wednesdays, with my Mom, running around town in search of wool sweaters. I'm not a pro yet but, I have gotten pretty good at spotting wool from a few feet away. I have 40 wool sweaters to prove it!!

On Friday I got all the materials for making my tags. When I got home I went strait to work cutting, stamping, and ironing. They are not perfect but, I made 100 tags. In case you are interested, this is what they look like.

Tonight Greg helped me get together a tracking system. When I get ready to cut up a sweater, I cut out the tag, put it in a binder, and give it an id number. He created a spreadsheet that keeps track of the items I make with each sweater. It's a really neat system and I am glad that he is helping me keep this stuff orgainized.

Well, if I'm gonna get this shop up anytime soon, I better get back to sewing....

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