Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If You Come To Visit. :)

Ok so here is the rundown....

The kitchen sink broke again so I have dishes piled high and no way to wash them except the little bitty bathroom sinks. But, I'm not sure using those is such a grand idea. I certainly don't need more plumbing problems.

Also, the microwave is still out of commission; however, i think we've been doing pretty well without it. The oven has a warmer drawer and the food we've been eating lately has tasted a ton better. So, we've pretty much decided that it is not a necessity and we will not be replacing it.

My appointment with the perinatologist went well on Monday and I do not have to have a c-section. He gave me the all clear and I am no longer on any type of restrictions. Yippee!!!

So, if you come to visit in the next few weeks please remember:
  1. I may not be home if you show up unannounced, please call first.
  2. If you want to eat, bring your own disposable dishes.
  3. If you can't live without a microwave, bring your own.
  4. If I go into labor during your visit, please be prepared to drive me to the hospital and watch my son.
  5. If you think my house is dirty don't just stare at it, clean it up.

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