Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Went Shopping!!

Well, I went shopping at Joann's on Sunday. Boy did I get a lot of stuff! From my calculations, I got enough cotton knit to make approximately 30 diapers. Price to make each came out to less than $2/diaper not including snaps, adding snaps cost me another $0.60/each. So, for the cost of a Chinese or Indian prefold, I will have fitted diapers instead. How cool is that?

So here is the picture of the fabric I got:

Yeah, two of the prints are really boyish but, I got them for less than $3/yard so I couldn't pass them up -- plus who says the next kiddo won't be a boy. ;-)

In addition to the fabric shown, I was able to get just about 7 yards of cotton terry. I also got 2 yards of white flannel for my cotton woven diapers.

I walked away with 18 yards of fabric, one pooping reindeer. Overall I would say it was not a bad trip!

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  1. If those boyish prints are knits I'd be happy to reieve you of them!!!